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All abstracts are due no later than September 30 October 7, 2016

1. Please submit your abstract as an email attachment to:
2. Subject line of the e-mail should be either Speaker's abstract or Participant's abstract for poster presentation. If you are not an invited speaker, please submit your abstract as a participant.
3. Include your name and telephone number in the body of the email.
4. If the file is incorrectly formatted you will be contacted for resubmission. See the instruction below.
5. The abstracts will be printed, copied, and distributed to registrants.
6. No revisions will be accepted after September 30 October 7.
7. Acknowledgement of acceptable abstract will be informed by a return email.
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Instructions for Preparing Abstract:

Please download the example of Abstract from our website and use it as a template. It will help us to use your abstract in further processing.

1. All the contents of your abstract need to be within one page of A4 size paper.
2. Abstract file should contain the following; Title, author(s) name, author's affiliation, abstract body with acknowledgments if required, and references.
3. Please use Times New Roman font of 12 pt size throughout the abstract with single space.
4. Title must be in bold and the first letter of each word should be upper case, i.e. “Plasmalogens Enhance Signaling”
5. Authors' full names in upper and lower case, i.e. John Smith and Mike Brown.
6. Presenting author name should be underlined.
7. To distinguish authors of different affiliations, please use superscript letters, i.e, aJohn Smith and bMike Brown.
8. Following authors' names list departmental and institutional affiliation, city and country. Start each affiliation with identifying superscript letters if there are multiple affiliations.
9. Please write the email address of corresponding author in italic below the author's affiliation, i.e.
10. Please do not use illustration, table, figures etc. in the abstract file.
11. Please do not use bold letters in the abstract except for the title.
12. Please mention the references as needed in the abstract body in bracket as superscript number, i.e. “It has been reported that plasmalogens can rescue neuronal cell death(1).”
13. Style of cited references: Please mention the first author only followed by et al. Journal name should be in italic. Volume number should be in bold and the year should be at the last within bracket {e.g., Ginsberg, L., et al. Disease and anatomic specificity of ethanolamine plasmalogen deficiency in Alzheimer's disease brain. Brain Res 698, 223-226 (1995)}.
14. All abstracts must be in Microsoft Word format (doc or docx file is preferred).